Welcome to Lol-Beh

Lol-Beh is an exceptional eight-bedroom beachfront vacation villa located in Soliman Bay, north from Tulum, offering incredible ocean and jungle views and full service staff at your disposition. The villa's architecture is a mix of Spanish and Mexican design, with high ceilings, marble floors and rich handcrafted furniture. It has a rooftop accommodation, multiple lounging areas around the pool and living rooms. Lol-Beh can currently accommodate up to 20 guests and with the four additional guest houses, to be completed by May 1st, it will be able to accommodate up to 34 guests in a total of 12 bedrooms.

There are six beautiful bedrooms inside the villa and 2 exquisite bedrooms located in our guest houses. (Starting May 1st 2017, there will be a total of 6 guest houses)
Each bedroom is furnished with luxurious hand crafted furniture, high quality and the most comfortable linens and mattresses, and an ensuite bathroom.

We want to make sure that your stay is worry free. On the first night, we will offer a complimentary arrival dinner and a continental breakfast is served from Monday to Saturday (except for departure day). From Monday to Saturday, our Chef will help you chose the meals during your stay, prepare them to your liking and can also help you with the groceries shopping. Maid Services are also included during your stay (except for Sunday). Our Concierge will pass by a few times during the week, he will help you book activities, spa services, massages etc..